Commercial Signs

This is our Datasign. It is a custom built design which our owner and founder, R. Joel Petrocy, holds a patent on. It can be fitted in an existing sign housing to easily replace a marquee. Additionally, the DatasSign is relatively inexpensive and low maintenance. Follow the link to learn more about it. Click to learn more about the DataSign
The Cherry Hill Mall's Main Sign We designed and built the Cherry Hill Mall sign both on time and under budget. This marquee was designed to be durable and long-lasting. It still stands today after 10 years without any maintenance.
The sign projects 18 in. above the roof line. The sign is clipped 4 in. off the wall to make it appear to float. Overall, it extends 30" in front of the building to stand out like a medallion. The sign for Johnny D's Diner
GFI Tranformer 12" high Aluminium Channel Letter with our small GFI protected transformers. These letters are special. They are black in daytime and at night they are back lit blue.


2000 Designer Signs
Last revised: June 3, 2000.